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10 Things to Ask When Renting a Luxury Vehicle

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Should I worry about mileage?

We urge you to understand the mileage on the vehicle you have selected prior to your rental. If you are planning on driving long distances, beware that each of our vehicles come with a fixed amount of miles for your trip. For your convenience we do offer mileage packages for those who need to add additional miles during their rental!

What is the expectation upon the return of the vehicle?

We ask you to please give back the vehicle the way it was presented to you on arrival! This means the vehicle should be cleaned (inside and out), gassed fully, and for the key to be left in the cupholder when parking your car for return.

Am I required to use my personal insurance?

By renting through TURO you are not required to use your personal insurance during your time with one of our vehicles. TURO covers our clientele with full coverage insurance through Liberty Mutual. You can locate your temporary insurance card in the glove department in each of our vehicles.

Are there any limitations I should know about before renting your luxury vehicle?

The goal is to provide our customers with an enjoyable time with our cars by ensuring our customers safety as well. We ask all of our customers to treat our cars like your own, meaning to drive respectfully and with consideration at all times!

Is there a specific gasoline to use for each car?

All of our gas operated vehicles take 93 premium gasoline. This is not up for question and must be the only gasoline used for the duration of your trip!

Expert Rental Tip: Keep your proof of gasoline receipts and leave those in the cupholder when returning your vehicle.

Will I have room for my luggage?

Absolutely! All of our luxury vehicles come equipped with spacious room provided for your comfortability. Our 2 seater Lamborghini features a front trunk capable of holding a flexible style suitcase or 2 fully packed duffle bags.

Do your vehicles offer any must-know, unique features?

Each vehicle comes equipped with fully functioning features. From the dancing Tesla’s, to the mood setting BMW’s we invite you to try all of the features our vehicles encompass!

Is it worth prepaying for anything before returning the rental?

Are you someone who tends to run late to things? Prepaying would be perfect for someone like you! By offering prepaid gas and cleaning this prevents you from having to refill and clean when you are returning your vehicle, this is your best way to avoid any fees post-trip.

What should I look for while checking-in, during the vehicle inspection process?

Our suggestion to you is not to rush while doing your part in the check-in process. We do our best to note every minor and major dents and dings to our vehicles. However, in the event something slips our eye and you catch it, this will prevent us from falsely penalizing you for the damage of the vehicle. By submitting your pictures pre trip we appreciate that you don’t leave anything you notice out.

Why should I rent through you instead of using a bigger rental car place?

While we pride ourselves in our luxury vehicles that we offer, there’s one thing that you will receive from us that you won’t get elsewhere and that is our sincere customer service. Every time you rent from us, a smile is brought to our faces. We are delighted by each and every customer that steps in the driver seat of our cars. By making us smile, we promise to give you the best rental experience you have ever had!

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