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10 Ways To Show Your Dad Appreciation For Fathers Day

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Dads play such an important role into the people that we become and guide us through the trials and tribulations of life. Dads typically are the handyman of the family, the push we need to be the best we can be, and always willing to lend a hand in a time of need. No matter who you consider to be "Dad", whether through blood or not, be sure and show them just how much they mean to you this year on a day dedicated to them.

  1. Cook his favorite meal for him - Dad's love to eat and they especially love to indulge in that favorite meal your Mom or family member always makes, especially, for him. Learn the recipe yourself and prepare it, you'll be proud when your Dad later says he thinks you make it the best.

  2. Plan a trip together - Is your Dad a history buff or does he prefer relaxation? Plan a trip for your Dad that will undoubtedly make his happy. Travel to the mountains or somewhere tropical.

  3. Write him a letter to remind him just how similar you are - How often do people remind you that you are a spitting image of your Father? Sometimes this can be a blessing and sometimes not... There's nothing like a Fathers love even when we make mistakes and chances are your Dad probably has been through it too.

  4. Surprise him with tickets to his favorite sports team - Instead of sitting at home while your Dad screams at the TV all afternoon because the Jaguars are losing, experience it with him first hand. Buy the tickets and cheer on your favorite team together!

  5. Knock something off his bucket list - What is something your Dad has always spoke about doing but has never taken the time to do? Make this once in a lifetime moment even more special by doing it with him.

  6. Spend time with him - Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our busy schedules that we simply lose track of time. Take the day and chill out with Dad. No matter what you guys do just be grateful to have each others company.

  7. Encourage him to take time to relax - After all, this day is all about him. That honey "DO" list can wait until tomorrow and he is always keeping busy, find a way to keep Dad on the couch or in his favorite chair while you cater to his ever needs all day long.

  8. Buy him a meaningful gift - Perhaps your dad likes to cook, workout, fish, hunt, or read. All of his hobbies can be matched with a special gift and a bonus for you, he will think of you every time he uses it.

  9. Ask him to teach you - Dads tend to know everything, so much that they want you to know just as much as they do. It could possibly be something that you have no interest in but to your Dad means everything. Take one for the team and allow him to teach you, who knows you just might end up loving it.

  10. Get him in the drivers seat of his dream car - Consider how much it would mean to your Dad to get him behind the drivers seat in a Lamborghini. Treat him to the divine luxury the vehicle encompasses and allow him to feel like he owns the world.

^ Maybe your Dad would prefer a different luxury vehicle. Carefully select a luxury vehicle from HOW Motors fleet that will be right up his alley.

Lamborghini in Orlando, Florida

After all you know your Dad the best. Be prepared to feel the love from the guy after you make this Fathers Day the best one he's ever had.

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