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April - Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Happy April or Distracted Driving Awareness Month! There is an endless amount of distractions we are faced with when driving a vehicle. That could be talking on the phone or to passengers in the vehicle, texting, applying makeup, and drinking coffee, each of these action has the possibility to result in serious injury.

The NHTSA reports a 10% increase in lives lost due to distracted driving in 2019, resulting in 3,142 deaths. According to statistics, younger drivers have a stronger habit of distracted driving, however make no fault that drivers in other age groups aren't far behind. We urge all drivers to take time this month to clearly understand your duty of being a responsible driver.

Best Practices to Follow

You might find yourself in a sudden urgency of needing to perform certain task while driving, however one must understand that by doing so could result in a terrible outcome. Things can change in the blink of an eye, and in the instance of taking your attention off the road has the possibility of ending your life or someone else's. Nothing is more important than arriving safely to your desired destination.

  • Need to text or take a phone call? WAIT. Find a safe location to park before doing so, or designate a passenger riding with you to respond on your behalf.

  • Didn't have time to apply your makeup before work? The repercussions of performing this task should only be done when fully parked at your desired location not on your way there. Don't forfeit the possibility of not showing up to work for something so miniscule.

  • Dying to check your social media feed? Avoid this bad habit by putting your phone in a non accessible location while driving.

Develop Good Habits!

Whether you are driving or the passenger of someone else driving, enforce good driving habits and encourage complete focus on the road. Not only is distractions and driving dangerous, it is also against the law. 48 states in America have banned texting and driving, including our home state of Florida. Paying attention to the road reduces your risk of getting hurt while driving.

Do yourself a favor and take the pledge to end distracted driving today!

Be sure and follow these important practices when renting your

next luxury or exotic car with us!

It can wait, please arrive safe!

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