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HOW Motors: Making Dreams Come True

Green Lamborghini in Orlando, Florida
2018 Lamborghini Huracan

A lot of people may wish to drive a Lamborghini but its not everyday you're able to fulfill this kind of dream for someone. As for HOW Motors, we had the pleasure of hosting the Baldwin family in making their Lamborghini wish come true.

When Melissa reached out to us, it was a no brainer. She explained that her Father and little boys had always dreamt of riding in a Lamborghini and wondered if she could pay for the experience and a few hours of our time. We had never been asked before or put in this position but it was put on our hearts to make her request come true.

Melissa's Dad, Al, suffers from a terminally ill disease that has resulted in the loss of his voice and means to eat. Melissa describes her Dad as an awesome man, who once enjoyed coaching sports, singing and playing the guitar. Al was a system engineer at NASA for 23 years, leaving him some amazing stories to tell and incredible pictures he has taken along the way. Melissa also spoke upon on her Dad and his love for people and making friends. Mary, who had the pleasure of meeting the family, could feel Al's light for people still shine through him, despite his change in health.

But, there was one thing Al had never done before and that was get inside a Lamborghini. The time we dedicated to Al and his grandsons allowed them to explore and go for spin in the exotic vehicle. The excitement radiated through their smiles making this experience worth every minute of our time.

Our best wishes go out to the Baldwin family! We hope their cup over flows with memorable and treasurable times that they are able to spend together for years to come.

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