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HOW Super Bowl fans are making the most of their weekend

This is your guide to all things Super Bowl and celebrating in our home state of Florida!

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs prepare to go head to head this weekend, the excitement is buzzing! We acknowledge that the NFL committee has been preparing for this day all season and COVID-19 precautions are precisely being taken. As Americans, there's one thing we know and that's how to celebrate the Super Bowl like nobody's business!

Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium

The Super Bowl is being held in Tampa, Florida this 2021 season at the Raymond James Stadium. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will make history this year, as the first team to play at home during the Super Bowl.

Image Credit ESPN

Attendees will undergo safety precautions preventing the spread of COVID-19 and the stadium will be far more sparse than in the past. However, football lovers have already begun their preparations for the big day. Fans certainly want to support their team in good taste which is why our M8, Gwagen, Maserati, X7, and the Huracan already have front row seats to attend. #touchdown

Super Bowl Watch Parties

For those choosing to be in the city to commence the celebration, Tampa has plenty planned for all NFL lovers.

You won’t want to miss the Super Bowl Watch Party at the indoor venue EvoLove Event Center. Tickets include food, drinks, and activities!

We also recommend considering attending the Grooves & Giggles event hosted by Ashima Franklin. Taking place in a huge indoor venue, this will include special guest comedians, a big screen, and free buffet.

Last but not least, supporters also have the option to attend the impressive All The Smoke VIP Pregame Party, other celebrities and athletes are expected to attend. Attendees may enjoy food, a premium bar, and a live shown by Flo Rida.

All require tickets, so make sure you purchase in advance!


With all that being said, a great weekend is soon to be had by all. Make the best of your weekend but we remind you to be safe.

Since we are Florida residents, we find ourselves partial... so GO BUCS!

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