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HOW to get the most out of May in Orlando

Enjoy your time in the Sunshine State in none other than The City Beautiful, aka Orlando. Since the release of the COVID-19 vaccine and the talk about a complete reopening of Florida in the near future, locals and tourists alike are excited for the fresh start ahead. With festivals, parades, and concerts back on the books again, begin making your plans for the exciting month of May, before summer arrives.

Things To-Do & Events to Attend

May 13, 2021:

The Beach Boys- Catch the American rock band at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts in Orlando. Reminisce the good old day with all of there classics from the 60's and dance all your cares away.

Vehicle Selection- Show up in none other than our 2020 Porsche 911. Think the 1960's but better. This little cherry apple beauty will take you back in time with its rarely changed details that make the 911 what it is today. The Porsche gives you the option to pile in with three of your closest of friends and dream of the good ol' days.

May 15-23, 2021

Seven Seas Food Festival- Head over to Sea World for a month of free live concerts and food selections prepared for the ultimate of foodies. Try all different styles of cuisine and get down to the grooviest tunes.

Vehicle Selection- Get the family together for this one and load up in our 2021 BMW X7. There is plenty room for a total of 7 people. Each seat has the capability to enjoy the unique features of the X7 and its beauty.

May 28, 2021:

Skyline Music Festival- A two day festival in the heart of Orlando over Memorial Day weekend. The underground music event is to host over 20 different artist to see throughout the festival. Allow yourself to escape from the stress of the world and embrace what the weekend has to offer.

Vehicle Selection- The 2020 Mercedes GT C is the winner for any Memorial Day weekend event. Roll the windows down and let the breeze blow through your hair. Allow the sunbeam yellow exterior set the tone for the weekend.

Fun fact: Yellow is proven to boost your mood. ;)

May 15th and May 22, 2021 (Only days left):

Blueberry Picking at Double C Bar Ranch- Spend your Saturdays in the fresh air, picking your very own, homegrown blueberries! Double C Bar U-pick Blueberries also offers delicious ranch fired burger that are perfect for lunch, fresh pies, and other homemade goodies that are for purchase.

Vehicle Selection- Our 2021 Mercedes G Wagon is perfectly fitting for the occasion. The iconic off road vehicle will deliver you and yours to picking blueberries like no other. The three-zone automatic climate control will keep you cool after being out in the beautiful Florida sunshine and the massaging front seats will provide relaxation after all that hard work. LOL

Whatever your plans may be this May, take HOW Motors with you.

All of our highly capable vehicles are here to compliment your experiences in the best way!

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