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HOW to plan your EXTRA AF Valentines Day

We all know Valentine's Day is all about romance, love, and proving to your BAE just how much they mean to you. Instead of going with the usual roses and chocolates this year, level up and give them a night they truly deserve.

With that being said, HOW Motors would be delighted in helping plan your most "boujee" Valentines Day yet.

Begin by selecting from our fixated list of specialty vehicles for couples:

♥ Tesla Model X

♥ Lamborghini Huracan

♥ BMW M8

♥ Mercedes G Wagon

Consider the features your specialty vehicle offer:

Tesla Model X: Greet your sweetheart with a lovely handwritten note on the large drawing screen. Recline back and relax on vegan leather, while enjoying each other's company and the ambiance of the built in fireplace. Perfect for destination locations such as the beach, open the bat wing doors, enjoy a picnic from the car, and catch a movie underneath the starlit sky.

Lamborghini Huracan: Spend your night beneath the city lights, and truly give your partner a night all about them. Make reservations at your favorite dinner spot that will only complement this car perfectly. A perfect surprise for the car enthusiast in your life, we’re positive that this will be a day that you both will always remember.

BMW M8: A long weekend you have been dreaming about? There couldn’t be a better option. Allow the M8 to caress you and yours, by relaxing on the romantic red interior (pretty sweet, huh?). Choose between the multiple settings of mood interior lighting. We’re sure sparks will be flying all evening.

Mercedes G Wagon: This vehicle comes with the guarantee that it will definitely bring a smile to your Valentines face. Experience this new level of luxury throughout every inch of the G550. Whether you are planning for adventure or a magnificent night in the city, this selection will have you and yours feeling on top of the world, literally.

Plan your details precisely, heres your checklist for a foolproof V-day:

  • Surprise your honey with a gift they have always been wanting

  • Book reservation at a luxurious hotel

  • Plan an intimate dinner

  • Flowers...but you already knew that

  • Chocolate truffles, champagne, red velvet cake...

  • Plan your once-in-a-lifetime experience by renting their dream car

HOW Motors will not let you fail this Valentines day!

Keep calm, and get your Cupid on! 🏹

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