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HOW to say Goodbye to Summer

Black 2021 Mercedes Benz G550 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
2021 Mercedes Benz G550

With it being the middle of August, the seasons end is near. It has been a fun-filled summer across the globe and industries have increasingly bounced back from last years pandemic. We hope everyone has made memories in this season with family and friends, especially if we got to be a part of them! :) But wait, summers not over - just yet! Be sure and go out with a bang this year by finishing off with some of our ideas below:

1. Plan a day trip: Let the kids pick! It's there last chance of freedom before the busy school year commences. Perhaps they will choose the zoo, a theme park, or maybe the movies. Treat them to a fun day out on the town.

2. Backyard camping: Pull out the tent, sleeping bags, and get the fire rolling. Imagine a night beneath the stars, filled with warm s'mores, movies, and games. This will be such a treat and you can make whatever you want out of it. Plus, if you're sleeping bag isn't comfortable enough you have the luxury of going inside and get in your real bed. ;)

3. Mark things off your kids bucket-list: If your kiddos were anything like me growing up, making a bucket list at the beginning of the summer was a must! Marking through things they have accomplished this summer results in pure joy and a sense of fulfillment. If there is something they missed, now is better than ever + you'll get to do it with them!

4. A short and sweet staycation: Once school is back in session, vacations become few and far between. Whether you must travel a couple hours or have the convenience of something close to where you live, spend a view nights at your favorite resort/hotel. Bonus if it has a pool!

5. Rent your families dream car: When we say go out with a bang, we really mean go out with a BANG! Put your family in something snazzy for a night or even a few days. HOW Motors has options for you and yours, and we guarantee that each of our luxury vehicles come with smiles.

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