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HOWMOTORS Introduces LUCID Motors Air GT

Lucid Air has been on the hype for a while now, and there are plenty of reasons for that. The newest electric sedan is different from anything we have seen so far (and you know we have seen a car or two). Due to its futuristic design, this car has breathed new life into the EV market. Lucid Air is not a simple sedan, it promises a lot of remarkable specs that will definitely blow your mind.

The promises and speculation not only sound amazing, they are. This car has already captured a lot of eyeballs and attention, and in the new era, it may go even further. But do you know about Lucid Air ? like where it comes from and the idea behind it? Let’s look at the car’s history so you can become an informed guest at HOWMOTORS.

Early Beginnings

It emerged as a startup with a promise named Atieva. The company was around for a while, but it recently debuted the electric car concept. Founded in 2007 in Newark, California, Lucid Motors was focused on creating EV batteries and powertrains. It used to supply automobile manufacturers before debuting in the market itself.

The company decided to make vehicles on its own in 2016. Lucid Motors announced an all-electric and high-performance luxury car, the first vehicles finally rolled off the production lines in 2021. Lucid Air offered one of the most powerful and best-designed electric sedans early on. People saw the potential of cars and placed pre-orders without wasting any time.

The Reason Behind the Hype

But what was the actual reason behind the hype? Why were people so interested in this car? The car came with a maximum range of 520 miles and 1,111-hp, these specs made the competition even more cutthroat. It features an aerodynamic shape that increases the efficiency of the car. Another major reason behind the hype is the many features this car offers. These features assist drivers during the drive and make the experience even more pleasurable.

Experience the Performance of Lucid Air GT at HOWMOTORS

Lucid Air GT is a beast of a car, and you can experience it yourself without breaking the bank. At HOWMOTORS, you can experience the performance of this incredible EV from our fleet. You can click here to book directly or use the contact form to request more information. We ask that you don't keep your curiosity waiting. We look forward to hosting you.

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