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Know HOW to drive an Exotic car like a Pro!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Having experience with a sports car is normally expected when renting an exotic, however we know in some cases this is not true and it would be our pleasure to be a part of making someone's dreams come true by driving one! There are some things you should be aware of before stepping in the driver seat of such a powerful beast.


When driving an exotic car you should understand just how important correctly braking will be while driving. Making sure you are not stomping on the brake is key when slowing down, especially when traveling at higher speeds. By giving yourself enough time to slowly decelerate will make it easier on the engine of the car and prolong the life of the brakes. When you see lights ahead of you we recommend releasing from the gas pedal, smoothly transitioning to the brake.

Turning Corners

It is important to be cautious when taking a corner in an exotic car. Since in this case you will be renting the vehicle, adjusting the mirrors, seat, and steering wheel is fully suggested before driving. When approaching the corner be sure you have begun decelerating with plenty of time to turn safely, then checking your side mirrors, and with full control proceed around the corner with ease.

Hand Position

A high powered car should be driven with hands at 9 and 3 on the steering wheel, this recommendation comes from luxury car dealerships themselves. By doing so allows one to operate the car at higher speeds with ultimate control and with less chance of injury.

Be Classy

You are sure to be a hot item on the streets when driving an exotic. After all, head turns come free with these vehicles! However, we find it significant that you drive our vehicles with consideration of others on the road and with utmost respect at all times. We completely understand the need for speed in these vehicles, but you should only drive the car at high speeds after experience and when you are comfortable.

Stay classy, my friend!

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