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Priorities in 2021: Book Your Rental Car First!

Post COVID travels in your summer plans? While you may have figured out your hotel and flight details, be sure not to delay your rental car needs.

HOW Motors was set on growing throughout the unexpected year we had in 2020, allowing us to more than quadruple our ever growing fleet of vehicles. However, the opposite was the case for large rental car companies. Our larger contenders were forced to sell off many of their vehicles in the midst of the COVID dilemma, in order to stay afloat.

With people on the move for the summer season and after the lifting of restrictions in some states plus the release of the vaccine, rental cars are in high demand. Vehicles are now being claimed further in advance. What this means for consumers is that these large rental companies are selling out quickly, even with a fleet much larger than ours, and in return HOW Motors is selling out just as comparably fast.

We urge all of our clients and potential clients to get their bookings established with us at HOW Motors at least 3 weeks before planned travel.

Nobody wants to be stranded without a vehicle while on vacation!

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