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Why You Should be Renting from Car Sharing services

Progression is key in this crazy world we live in and its good to know that renting a car has changed as well.

A select few HOW Motors lineup
A select few of HOW Motors fleet

Gone are the days of relying on Hertz and other BIG rental car companies to get you around in a pinch. Car sharing services, such as TURO, allow everyday people to rent their personally owned vehicles out to others. This new way of renting has made it possible for renters to drive vehicle's they have always dreamt of buying AND at a fraction of the price you used to pay for a boring, economy, car rental.

People who share their vehicles through the platform, have the ability to put their personal touch on the entire experience. To make customers trip most pleasurable, host may offer extras, discounts, and incentives. These personal touches make traveling easier! If you would rather not lug around a baby car seat while traveling, you may add the extra onto your reservation and it will be waiting for you in the vehicle upon your arrival.

(At HOW Motors we offer unlimited car seats for FREE per rental.)

After each reservation, customers are urged to leave a review about their trip. As a new customer it is important to check your potential hosts reviews before booking. This will make you aware of what you might expect by choosing the host. Be clear upon booking what exactly is expected of you for a hassle free experience.

Book your luxury rental car today and create lifelong memories like never before!

- The 2021 Mercedes Benz G550 AMG starting @ $399/day

- The 2018 Lamborghini Huracan starting @ $1,099/day

- The 2021 BMW X7 starting @ $199/day

- The 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S starting @ $249/day

- The Tesla Model X starting @ $185/day

Our company, HOW Motors, is proud to utilize TURO and the car rental services they provide.

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