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Your Guide to becoming a 5-Star Renter

Allow us to provide you with must-know tips and tricks to keep your reputation 5 stars while renting a vehicle, especially with us. By following these important practices they will only prevent you, the renter, from any post trip penalizations and conflicts.

  1. Ask any questions you may have! It’s better to be safe than sorry. Questions that cross your mind, no matter how small you may think they may be have the potential to impact your trip. Get your answers upfront so there are no surprises in the end!

  2. Planning for a beach vacation? There’s no doubt that sand will be traveling in and out of your vehicle. Instead of fretting about cleaning your rental vehicle at your trip's end, consider paying for the prepaid post trip cleaning to ease your mind. This forfeits any fees you may acquire for returning the vehicle in uncleaned condition if you hadn't done so!

  3. Pay attention to your mileage package! Traveling across the state? Make sure your chosen rental vehicle you have selected will cover your entire trip. However, if you still prefer that special vehicle, consider asking about the unlimited mileage option, like we offer here at HOW Motors. ;)

  4. Be respectful and honest. Accidents happen, trust us, we get that. If anything goes wrong during your rental, be sure to let us know immediately. We will help to our best ability and it is the reason we have insurance. Also, just a reminder to be respectful at all times. This world could use a lot more kindness,

  5. Communication is key. We make it a priority to check in on our customers throughout their trip. We urge you to keep contact with our team for any circumstance you may foresee.

We realize just how meaningful being a 5 star guest truly is. At HOW Motor, our team works to make your experience a breeze, without any hidden fees.

Book your luxury rental car with us today!

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