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HOW the COVID-19 Variant Could Affect Your Rental

Aha, gotcha! Actually - there should be no reason the COVID-19 variant should affect your car rental plans with us. (fingers crossed, this does not change...) The possibility that rental cars stay scarce is high, as we have previously spoke about on here, but the goal is to plan out your trip with enough time that this doesn't have a negative impact on you. Have comfort in knowing HOW Motors will always have a luxury rental car ready for you!

Mercedes Benz Gwagon in Orlando, Florida. Rent me today.
2021 Mercedes Benz Gwagon

Just a quick update for HOW Motors: Cleaning and disinfecting protocols remain uninterrupted from the beginning of COVID indefinitely. Our customers safety remains top priority at ALL times.

HOW Motors is still observing a contactless check-in process to lessen the spread of germs between client and host. Vehicles are parked, locked, and customer is notified precisely where to find their luxury vehicle at trips begin. The same is done at the trips end; customer must park, notify us (the host) where to find the vehicle, and locked remotely through our end. We are trying our best to prevent cross contamination at any cost.

We 100% stress the value of prepaying for post trip cleaning to allow us the resources to deeply clean and sanitize each vehicle prior to each rental. We find it in good faith that our customers should want the same for the next renter by ensuring that a thorough sanitation process be performed before the begin of each and every trip.

As a rule of thumb, we ask you take the precautionary measures you find necessary whilst traveling. We potentially want everyone to be as safe as possible during this time. Please, do not hesitate to inform us if your feeling ill during your trip or if anyone your party may be experiencing symptoms so we may take the most respective precautionary measure.

Simple tips for you to practice while traveling:

  1. Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.

  2. Cough into the inside of your elbow.

  3. Avoid touching face.

  4. Stay home if you feel unwell.

  5. Stay up to date with CDC guidelines.

We simply want everyone to stay safe! Let's prevent the spread AND keep driving luxury and exotic vehicles.

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