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Long Term Luxury Car Rental in Orlando

No matter HOW long you plan to reside in sunny Central Florida, HOW Motors has your vehicle needs taken care of even before you book! Being a smaller owned company compared to other large rental car companies has its perks and allows us to tweak and mend reservations unlike any of our competitors. Our satisfaction guarantee comes with no long term commitment on monthly and beyond contracts. In fact, the longer your booking may be, the cheaper your expense will be!


From weekly, to monthly, and even up to 1-11 months bookings, our wide range of vehicles are here for you no matter the extent of your needs. Our flexible schedule allows you the chance to swap out your vehicle for another model at any time. We deliver only the best at HOW Motors and our long term rental discounts compliment that.


There are many different times in life you may find a car rental necessary, expected and unexpectedly. We understand the stressors of life but also traveling for fun, that being said the Sunshine place is the best place to be and we hope to only make your stay additionally magical. If you ever find yourself in one of the following situations look no further than us!

Extended Vacations: Florida is known for our beautiful weather that attracts our increasing number of Snowbirds. An affordable rental car is super effective to get around like a local.

Seasonal Work: Business bringing you to Florida? The flexibility we provide is importantly convenient for those here for conferences, internships, and even outside labor.

Car Replacement while having your own vehicle serviced: A long term rental may come in handy for some of our neighbors in the instance you have found yourself needing work done on your own vehicle.

Lease Alternative: Avoid the hassle of extensive paperwork and lease liabilities and stick with the simplicity of renting at your convenience.

Imagine driving a different car every month of the year - We provide that option to you! Allow us to take the burden off your back when you book your luxury rental vehicle through us.

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