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Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

Ahh… Spring cleaning. A time to start fresh in the new season. Everything is blooming and all is bright, pollen is thick, and the weather can’t make up its mind. There’s no better time to give your vehicle the deep cleaning it deserves! With everything evolving around us, such as the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, it's important we are sanitizing everything properly. Make sure you're using the best products for your car and reaching every crevice this season.

Products to Use

Being a car company it's a given that we have good taste in cleaning products! We rely on products that smell good, leave a lustrous effect, and most importantly get the job done.

Soap: Milwaukee Muscle Premium Wash - A pH neutral polish shampoo that leaves a spotless finish every time. This rich foam thoroughly gets rid of any dirt and grime on your vehicle.

Microfiber Cloths: Chemical Guys Towels - Versatile scratch-less detailing towels that leave a streak free finish. The neon yellow towel (our favorite) shows when dirt is swiped and ready for you to transfer to the other side of towel.

Spray-on-Wax: Patterson Active Wax - Leave a lustrous finish on your vehicle with this spray on wax. Just spray and wipe. The delightful cherry scent will even leave your exterior smelling good.

Cleaners -

Leather: Meguiar's Interior Detail Spray - Safe on a leather, plastic or vinyl

interior. Perfect for maintaining a sparkling cabin.

Carpet: Patterson's Effortless Carpet Spray - The plant based formula removes

any stains or spots you may have. Easily penetrates stains making the carpet look

brand new.

Window: Invisible Glass - Protects and reflects any glass surfaces. Removes film

from glass and leaves a perfectly see-through finish.

Tire: Armor All Extreme Shield - The invisible protective barrier prevents dirt

particles from sticking to your tires surface. Leaving behind glowing tire for your

vehicles finish.

Places to Clean

Knowing where to clean your vehicle may come as common sense but sometimes it may slip our minds where exactly we should be reaching. After enduring a pandemic we need to make sure we are sanitizing are cars carefully, and decontaminating the most important hotspot areas. Those extra "germy" areas include your steering wheel, door handles, gear shift, center consoles, seat belts, and last but not least your radio controls and knobs. You also don't want to forget your seats (front, back, and headrest), cupholders, trunk, and floor boards.

Whether you begin inside or out, be sure to perform a serious scrub to your exterior. Washing off residue will protect your paint for an extended amount of time. After washing, be sure to grab a micro-towel to soak up any remaining water droplets to prevent drying, leaving a luminous vehicle behind.

Our luxury rental vehicles go through this deep cleaning process before and after each rental. We take pride in our beloved vehicles and want to provide you with a beautiful car which you deserve.

Be sure and book your favorite luxury rental car this Spring!

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